Plásticos Carrasco

Your complete solution for plastic injection molding

Welcome to Plásticos Carrasco, your reliable partner in high quality plastic injection molding solutions. We offer first class products that are precise, durable and competitive. From concept to final production, we turn your ideas into reality. Discover our expertise and let us be your number one choice in the industry.

Solutions for Industrial Cold

From components for industrial refrigeration to specialized cold storage solutions, we provide reliable and efficient plastic injection products for the industrial cold sector.

Recreation and Games

Enhance the entertainment experience with our high-precision plastic injection parts for arcade machines and gaming equipment, offering perfect functionality and durability.

Packaging Solutions

Our innovative plastic injection solutions cater to various industries, providing reliable and customizable packaging solutions that ensure product integrity and attractiveness at the point of sale.

Automotive Components

Discover our range of high-quality plastic injection components for the automotive industry, designed to meet the most stringent standards, improve performance, and optimize vehicle functionality.

Construction Solutions

We offer durable and precise plastic injection solutions for the construction sector, enhancing environmental sustainability by providing reliable components that meet the industry’s rigorous demands for strength, flexibility, and safety.

Aviation and Aerospace

Our aerospace-grade plastic injection components ensure exceptional quality and performance, meeting the demanding requirements of the aviation and aerospace industries.

Railway Systems

Experience reliability and efficiency with our plastic injection parts for the railway industry. We provide robust and long-lasting solutions that meet the stringent needs of railway systems.

Office Furniture

Enhance workplace comfort and productivity with our premium plastic injection components for office furniture. Our ergonomic designs and excellent quality ensure exceptional durability and user satisfaction.

Laboratory Equipment

Rely on our high-precision plastic injection solutions for laboratory equipment, offering reliable and hygienic components that meet the strict standards of the scientific community.

Plastic Injection Machines

Precision and Advanced Technology

Our state-of-the-art plastic injection machines, sourced from ENGEL, ensure precision and quality. With versatile capabilities and advanced technology, we manufacture products to the highest industry standards.

Plásticos Carrasco

Our Services in the Plastic Industry

At Plásticos Carrasco SL, we take pride in offering you a wide range of specialized services in the plastic industry. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and quality solutions, covering everything from injection molding of plastic parts to logistics and delivery.

Injection Molding of Plastic Parts

Handling and Assembly

Logistics and Delivery

Sale of Finished Products

Custom Product Development

Plastics consultancy

At Plasticos Carrasco, we are also dedicated to thermoforming or vacuum thermoforming and extrusion.